It’s not just a new brand, it’s a brand new product.

Do you like the look of a button-down, collared shirt layered underneath a sweater, but hate that bunched-up feeling? NODDA SHIRT has the solution.

What's a NODDA SHIRT?  It starts with a deep v-neck t-shirt.  Into the neck opening is sewn a button-down, collared shirt insert. When worn under a sweater or pullover, it appears as if you are wearing a button-down shirt layer, but in reality, it’s 'nodda' shirt, it's just a tee!

Why wear a NODDA SHIRT?

  • Fashionable: It gives the appearance of the layered look we all like.
  • Comfortable: Feels like you're just wearing a tee. No longer will you have to choose between comfort and style, the NODDA SHIRT provides both! 
  • Functional: It still retains all the benefits of wearing a t-shirt.
  • Adaptable: They can be worn in a variety of situations from the tailgater to the business office.
  • Versatile: Many color and pattern offerings allow for easy mix-and-match outfit pairings.

All men in the photos are wearing NODDA SHIRTS under their sweaters. Some pictures also show the NODDA SHIRT in an insert. The sweaters are for demonstration purposes only, not for sale.